Bespoke art projects & Exhibits

While art offers endless possibilities, I understand that HOME implies feeling a sense of belonging and connection to your ROOTS and ESSENCE, which is a deeply personal experience.

I also acknowledge that a restaurant encompasses more than just food; it represents an entire concept. The presence of statement objects within it creates a sense of grounding and draws you back, forming a strong emotional connection that goes beyond mere sustenance.

For the I Residence, I’ve created several statement objects, with anamorphic shapes and organic textures
Materials: wood, paper pulp
@I Residence, Bucharest, 2022

My first furniture item was this off-white bookshelf handrafted on a wood structure with round shapes

150×80 cm

Materials: wood, cement

@I Residence, Bucharest, 2022

Haycock shaped lamps were crafted by myself for this ethno-minimalist redesign project, in HoReCa

Material: paper pulp
@City Grill Covaci, Old Town Bucharest, 2022

I literally took „primitiv” word of the brand and transform it into a pot with a story. The shape, the cracked texture and the bold orange color emerged into this one-of-a-kind piece.

I incorporated three of my beloved elements – rock, earth, and sand – into a trilogy of pots.

@Primitiv Plants, 2023

My goal is to bring to life your words and your ideas that can only be understood by seeing or touching them.

This is why I choose to create BESPOKE art objects, where there is a bit of you, a bit of me and a bit of nature.

I showed you my vision, now tell me about yours and…

Let's create ineffable beyond words organic awe-inspiring spaces together!